Text Help

The use of digital devices has been quite a popular fad due to the technological advancement that we are facing. However, those persons with disability particularly the visually impaired are having a difficulty in efficiently using these devices because they cannot see or read clearly. And because of this, a group of individuals has thought of creating an application that will benefit the visually impaired as well as all other individuals who would take interest in their creation. This is known as the text to speech application.

The text to speech application basically functions by reading or translating a written text into a voice output. This means that whatever is written on the screen, it will read aloud. It is also capable of reading and pronouncing several languages. It is indeed an excellent tool for those having a difficulty in reading as well as those who do not have the means to read texts immediately that they prefer the use of this app in order to update them immediately about the texts that they are receiving. Aside from that, it may also be used to improve a person’s listening comprehension. They can use this application in order to read aloud stories or articles.

The use of the text to speech application has greatly improved the quality of life of its users because, instead of taking a long time in reading texts or articles, they can simply listen to them by means of the app while they are simultaneously doing other things.

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